WPU-7700 Firmware Update v2.0.4.0 (Beta)

Upgrade v2.0.4.0 (Beta) up to v02.01.01 or higher Firmware Version
Please sure the phone don’t have low batterie before you make the firmware upgrade!

1) Rename the WPU7700 folder to WPU-7700
2) Put 02-01-01.zip and XML file in WPU-7700 folder
3) Rename the 02-01-01.zip file to 020101.zip
4) Make your TFTP directory one level down from WPU-7700 folder
2) Put in the TFTP server root the e1_00032a1435e7.ini and e1_common.ini files
5) Connect the phone to wireless LAN and make sure it has an IP address (set ping)
6) Go in hidden phone menu, type *7449686# and press green button to access admin menu
7) Select the APS address Menu
7.1) Select protocol: TFTP
7.2) Input IP or DNS: TFTP server IP address
7.3) Use BOOTP 66 option:yes
7.4) press OK button
8 ) Select the Firmware upgrade Menu
8.1) Input filname: phone-mac-address.xml (please rename “phone-mac-address.xml”)
8.2) press OK button (failed upgrade)
8.3) reboot phone
8.4) Select Connect and press OK button
8.5) Select the WLAN AccessPoint, select Temp and press OK
8.6) [Network Setup] make your network settings and connect the network

Upgrade Downloading…


Details of instructions below for phone book
To use the contact list via the web browser you have to unlock it from the admin menu.
Menu > Settings > Security > lock PC sync > enable

Browse to the phones IP address e.g
upload the unidata-contacts.csv


Details of instructions below for German Language
Language = 49
Admin_Password = 000000
Country_Tone_Type = 49

The above can only be done with version 2.1.1 or higher


UniData Upgrade files (firmware, user.ini, network.ini and mac.xml) and documents provide UniData-Phones.com your VoIP supplier.

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